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 Don't have something to auction? You can also donate via pay-pal!

Currently, cupcakeMAG editor-in-chief, Casi Densmore-Koon and her team is spreading the word about just how to donate for the Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation  upcoming fundraiser. 

All funds raised will go into Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation. Every penny will go to help raise awareness to help find a cure for childhood cancer. 

Deliece and Braden Hofen are two amazing people that are not just trying to cure themeselves but find a cure for childhood cancer. cupcakeMAG is out to help them and we are hoping you can help too. 

We are collecting products, services, etc. to be auctioned to help raise money for Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation . If you have anything you can donate please email casirena@gmail.com with the subject Braden's Hope. You company or business will get full recognition. 

Thanks in advance for donating. 

Please help us, help this family.  Together we can make a difference.