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In our plight to bring national awareness to childhood cancer through Braden and Deliece's story - social networking has been KEY. Between Twitter and Facebook, there are now over 55,000 people all over the country following their story - and it's growing every day!  SEVERAL celebrities have helped us spread the word including Erin Andrews (ESPN), Alyssa Milano, Mya, David Cook, Robin McGraw, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Louis VanAmstel and Chelsie Hightower.  In addition, just one week ago, John Gallagher, owner of Delprado Nectars, heard about Deliece and Braden's story on Twitter. For one day, John donated $1 for each new follower of @AbolishCancer to Braden's Medical Fund.  We raised $3,226...in only ONE day!   

In March, Deliece was connected with a group on Twitter called Team Will - they're based out of California. An AWESOME documentary called "Go The Distance" (www.GoTheDistanceMovie.com ) was just released about this amazing group of guys. Just last month, Team Will was in Austin, TX and did 3 screenings of their movie at the LiveStrong Headquarters!  Every other year they ride ACROSS THE USA visiting their 'heroes' (like Braden) and many kids fighting cancer in local hospitals. They've gotten VERY attached to Braden and Deliece's story.

Team Will is doing their 2010 ride in June. They're coming through KC to visit Braden...and many other children here fighting cancer!  They arrive on the 19th, and we've set up a movie showing, rally and we also have Congressman Jerry Moran speaking! Jerry was the first Kansas Congressman to join the Childhood Cancer Caucus and will offer a message about the need for research/etc. We're going to hear from Team Will, as well as several families in the KC area who have a child fighting cancer. The focus is all about these kids fighting the fight of their life.

Team Will can make themselves available to do pre-ride phone interviews before they leave California to help promote awareness about their ride and the rally in KC. They will also be able to do video interviews while on the bike as INTEL (their sponsor) is setting them up with live mobile video. They're really trying to create awareness by allowing as many as possible to participate vicariously with the ride while it's happening in real time.

We truly believe that what Team Will is doing is AMAZING!  To bring FUNDING, AWARENESS and HOPE to kids like Braden...definitely makes them heroes in our eyes!  We're hoping that you see what we do - and consider giving this story some of the much needed attention it deserves!